Thank you for the instruction you provided!  I am so thankful I attended your school!  I traveled all the way from Oregon because I hoped Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog Training & Career Inc… would give me the hands-on instruction and confidence I needed to be my own dog trainer. However, you not only satisfied my expectations, but succeeded the hopes I had for a solid education in dog training.


I gained invaluable experience and knowledge by the extensive hands-on training I had working with the many dogs and their owners.  I don’t know of any other schools that provide an environment where I can work with as many different kinds of dogs and their owners as your school provided.  In the dog training world, the behavior problems are not only isolated to the dog; just as important as learning to train the dogs is being able to effectively communicate to the owners about some of the lifestyle changes they may have to make to help with the dog’s training.  Anthony, thank you for giving us the ability to work with a variety of different people and dogs!


To any student that may be considering attending Anthony’s school:
I strongly recommend Anthony’s school if you are looking for a balanced education between working with a large variety of dogs and their owners.  It is impossible to be a good dog trainer by only working with a couple of dogs and people.  The only way to gain the proper experience and confidence is to work with many different breeds and owners because every dog and person has a different personality, temperament, disposition, and ability to learn.  Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog Training & Career Inc… provides the perfect learning environment to achieve this proper balance between dog and owner!


Thank you so much, Anthony!!  I greatly appreciate the knowledge you imparted to me!


God Bless,



Maki Asano and Setsuko Naka 
July 25, 2005
 Dear Anthony,
How are both of you doing these days? We’re sorry we
haven’t written to you  in awhile, but we decided that
we would write you when we actually started  our dog
business here in Japan. After we returned to Japan, we got
together and discussed what was learned at your school
and decided to start our own dog training business together
to share what we learned  from you with Japanese dog owners.
                 Maki-and-Setsuko-th             Maki-Asano_th

First thing we did was to set up “NY Signal Training”. We researched regulations
of parks in our area to open our group classes. And we found out the parks have a
prefectural program which helps noncommercial citizen activities. It has limits and
allows us to charge only $3 per dog. However, we can get equipment support from
the park like chains and leashes etc.

Our group classes are held once a month- The dog owners are very pleased with our lessons and some of them return again for additional practice. Because of this, we are now starting to receive phone calls for private classes and were very excited. We appreciate all the great experiences you gave us at your school. Since we were given a lot of opportunities to train all kinds of dogs during the school, we won’t hesitate to train any kind of dog; from Chihuahuas to a Giant Schnauzer. You have also taught us some business sense and it’s helping us a lot now. 
We enclosed pictures and a T-shirt. We had a designer friend make our logotype which is on the Tshirt and we are wearing it at our classes. We hope you wear it sometimes. (We remember you like wearing long sleeve shirts all year around, though! 🙂 As the first students of yours who brought your training methods back to Japan, we will do our best to make our business bigger and better so that we can help the dog owners in Japan have a happy and productive life with their dogs.
In closing, we would like to thank both of you again for teaching us and your support. Your school was a valuable experience!!

Best wishes,
Maki Asano & Setsuko Make
P.S. We have our website:
It’s written in Japanese, but has a lot of pictures in it so we believe you can have an idea of what it says.
PonceDear Anthony,I am grateful to have attended your school for dog training.  It was a very
nice experience.  The class room was small enough to have undivided
attention and I feel that Anthony is very knowledgeable when it comes to    DoggieStepspic-118x150
dog training.  I am glad I was exposed to all types of breeds and learned
to handle the smallest to biggest dogs.  I felt you both made my time at
the school very pleasant and you where always available and willing to be
helpful in many aspects and continue to do so.
Best Wishes,
Sheila Ponce———————————————————————————————————-

Marino’s “Mack the Knife” @ 7 months.

Mack took 1st place this Saturday at the NKC american Bulldog show.  He also
was awarded a “reserve” ribbon (2nd place) for best in show.  I’m thrilled, the
judge said the handler was great  🙂
Thanks Anthony!!
———————————————————————————————————John Holian

March 13,2001 
Dearest Anthony Jerone
I’m writing this letter to thank you and let you all know
how  much I
appreciate and loved the experience which I received beginning July 24,
2000. It is very difficult to express how much I have learned  in the short
amount of time that I spent with you. Since the time I began to read I have
devoted my time to teaming and loving dogs. When I was seven years old
I got my first best friend, a brindle boxer named “Meave”. As I grew older
training dogs became a hobby. The best decision I made regarding
training dogs was to call Anthony Jerone!
I learned more in two weeks than I did in the ten years of reading and trial
and error. Your class was the most organized class which I have ever
taken (Thanks). The classroom time I spent with you gave me the
knowledge of canine behavior. I have successfully applied this
knowledge with clients and their dogs. The practical hands on
experience was glorious! This is where I learned the skills to actually
work with any dog I will ever have to work with.Again, thank you for your patience, time, and support which I needed to
become the Master Dog Trainer that I am today. Both of you have not only
prepared me for a profession, but a way of life. I’m hooked!God bless your family,John P. HolianP.S. – There is nothing left to do but SMILE, SMILE, SMILE :> :> :> > > > :>
:> :> :> :>
Dimitrios Blazoudakis – Crete, Greece

Dimitrios_20Pic_100%            Dimitrios1_LTR_th          Dimitrios2_LTR_th                       
My name is Dimitrios Blazoudakis.  I recently graduated from your canine
training course. I feel it is necessary to let you both know what a great impact
you have made in my life.
I am originally from Greece from an island called Crete. I came here with hopes
and dreams to fulfill and with the help of your courses you made them all come
true. I am now in the process of opening my own canine training school in
Greece. I strongly recommend you schooling to many others who have the
interest to become a dog trainer. The atmosphere is pleasant. The trainers
enjoy their line of work. Although I was miles away from home your school had a
way of making me feel right at home.
In conclusion I would like to thank you for your wonderful training and to keep
up the magnificent work.
Dimitri Blazoudakis
Crete, Greece