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Most of our clients are everyday people wanting a higher level of personal security. They want to know that they have a reliable protector by their side that is not a danger to themselves their family or the general public. By having a well trained protection dog in your home you can sleep in peace knowing that their is someone on guard 24/7.


Family Protection Dogs. Family protection dogs trained by Anthony
Jerone’s School of Dog Training,  will protect your family from threat
whether that threat comes in any form of shape or size, and from any
direction inside or outside the house.The dog is still the family pet that
is sociable and safe animal to have around the home. As with all of our
protection level dogs an initial assessment is required to determine if
the dog has suitable genetic qualities to participate in this training.


Private Lessons for Protection Training Private lessons for you and
your dog are available by appointment only. Your dog and your ability
will be assessed before training takes place. Once you understand
what is involved in protection training, we can then decide at what level
your dog is suitable to begin at. These lessons are by appointment


In order for a dog to be trained in protection by Anthony
Jerone’s School of Dog Training the dog must


  1. The dog must be at least 1 year old
  2. Be obedience trained. ( if we didn’t obedience train your dog we
    will have to evaluate the dog).
  3. Must be up to date with the vaccines.